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Our NGO was officially formed in 2019, but its actual birth date goes back to 2015, when a few friends, having a common passion for history, formed a team: the RMA Team, as we are often called. Since the very beginning, we managed to recover very important military artefacts, related to both WW1&WW2 conflicts located on Romanian territory, and present them and their context to the general public via our Facebook page and various temporary exhibitions


2019 The structure from which the RMA Team was formed was the “Pro Detecție” NGO -the main metal detecting association in Romania- of which all future RMA members were part (and still are). At some point, we felt the need to built everything under a personal project. By creating our stand-alone NGO, we are now better managing and promoting an activity strictly related to Militaria metal detecting. We have vast experience in other contexts also, having several ancient artefacts and numismatic treasures handed to the authorites, but we decided to focus our exploration just on the aspects related to military contexts in Romania. This NGO structure better follows our interest and vision, becoming a platform for future projects.


2020 By combining study, metal detecting and hard work, we manage to bring again to light some incredible historical treasures, otherwise doomed to rust or rot in the ground. Nowadays, our NGO collaborates with museums, archaeologists, historians and other state institutions.


We are a group specialized in studying, locating and recovering military artefacts coming from modern-era battlefields. Our intention is to recover and preserve artefacts of historical value, from a field of study almost completely ignored by professional archaeology in Romania. By recovering such relics and by exhibiting them to a larger public, by restoring them or donating them to museums, the History will be handed to future generations, and the memory of the fallen won’t be forgotten.
With the help of this website, we intend to promote both Romanian military history and a “healthy” way of metal detecting. Also, we would like to come as aid to whomever has an interest in Romanian military by providing all our content in an internationally spoken language that should be accessible to most people. We gathered an archive of discoveries that places us among the most well known European MD groups, so we think that it would be appropriate to continue to spread our knowledge outside Romanian borders. Our experience and our discoveries puts us not only in the position of being able to express the history behind of our artifacts, but also in a position where we have the responsibility to do so.
Our goal is to study and confirm less known or totally unknown episodes related to Romanian military history, besides the already explored well-known battlefields. Where the amount of information permits, we elaborate articles and share our knowledge, or we organize exhibitions with our collection. By establishing collaborations with national institutions or private historians and researchers, we prove our professional approach to a sensitive subject, also confirming that a healthy collaboration between metal detectorists and national institutions can and should exist.



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