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This section is dedicated to photographic material related to the Romanian army in the context of both WW1&WW2. Most part of the archive, is built on original and unpublished images coming from our collection, while others are mostly know images collected from the web or other sources (quoted when possible). The images coming from our collection are watermarked, while the others not. The archive is continuosly growing, having as target to concentrate a generous number of unknown and unpublished photograhic materials, very important in order to better define situations
often totally undocumented. Most of the original pictures in our posession, comes from german private collections, as the German soldiers used to photograph during both the World Wars. So, by hunting these images, depicting Romanian soldiers on the frontline, we recover and redefine a history segment.

We are interested in the acquisition of original photographic materials related to the Romanian army during the World Wars. If you have such materials and willing to help us with it, please contact us in order to discuss the trade:



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