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All the prospections presented on this site are made in accordance with Romanian legislation related to metal detecting and national heritage. All the metal detecting equipment is legally registered to the national authority. All the human remains or live, unexploded ordnance (UXO) found during the prospections are handed following legal procedures and declared to the authorities. The areas included in our prospections, are always outside of archaeological protected/restricted areas.

We strongly disagree with practicing metal detecting without registering your machine. Also, we really don’t recommend practicing metal detecting in former military contexts. What we do is based on several years of knowledge and study, which helped us several times to make the difference between an unexploded ordnance and a tin can. Also, some contexts are placed in remote mountain wilderness, with other life threatening factors such as bears, venomous snakes, etc.

In order to practice legal metal detecting in Romania, one must register his detector to the authorities beforehand, and among the requirements, citizenship is required. Such details should be considered by the foreigners willing to metal detect here. We totally condemn any disobedience of these terms. Any and all incognito digging trips have only the result of affecting the activity and reputation of our metal detecting community.

Relevant legal documents:
-OG43/2000 with further modifications
-Law 182/2000 with further modifications
-Law 295/2004 with further modifications, including Law 196/2019

We recommend you to link and plan you prospection having always as reference the Cimec map and database:

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