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Frequently Asked Questions


I like very much an object I have seen in your posts and would like to buy it. Do you guys sell items?

No. All the relics recovered are kept in our collection and are restored and conserved appropriately.


Did you guys ever find guns, grenades, projectiles and other unexploded ordnance? What happens when you find such objects?

Unexploded ordnance (UXO), small arms ammunition and sometimes firearms are discovered in our expeditions. These discoveries are announced as per the law through the unique emergency number (112) and they are picked up from the site by the relevant authorities. Any and all ammunition fragments or inert ammunition displayed on this website will always be accompanied by their description as INERT (in accordance with the ammunition definitions from Law 295/2004 and 196/2019) or as having been announced to the authorities.


I would like to come join you on a expedition! How can I do that?

Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, we do not organize trips or guided battlefield tours and we do not include strangers in our expeditions. Please keep in mind that this activity poses serious health and life threatening hazards like UXO’s as well as natural environment dangers, with wild animals such as bears and even the simple wilderness of remote forests can pose health risks.
Also, keep in mind that metal detecting in Romania happens in a very strict legal environment. If you would like to find out more about this, please look at the Legal page.


What gear do you guys use? Do you have a list with all the products used in your prospections?

In terms of detectors, we are a big fan of XP products and upper-mid tier Garrett detectors and pointers. We won’t bother making a list with all the other gear (clothing, backpack, digging tools, etc.) as this is unique to each individual.


Have you ever found human remains? What happens to such discoveries?

Yes, our team has discovered up to this date more than 30 fallen soldiers from both world wars (mostly Romanian). These kind of discoveries are treated with great respect, the relevant authorities are announced and the exhumation is made by them or in collaboration with them. After the exhumation, we have no more legal power nor responsibility, but in case of remains discovered with ID tags we try to establish the identity of the fallen.


What happens with the objects you find? Can you keep it? Do you have to give it to museums?

All the relics presented on this website are legally possessed and do not fall under the incidence of heritage laws. All the objects we discover are kept in our collection and are restored and conserved according to the relic’s condition. We then display those relics on this website and on our social media pages, including details about their use and the context where they were found. From time to time, we organize exhibitions in collaboration with museums and in some cases, we donate some objects to the said museums.



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